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Nightfall 2022 (October 27-30)

  • Details are pending. Stay tuned!

Nightfall 2021 (November 4-7)

  • 2021/11/1: Nightfall 2022 will be held October 27th thru 30th. Mark your calendars and make your reservations!
  • 2021/9/9: Ron Brecher will not be able to make Nightfall 2021 due to COVID-related travel restrictions between the US and Canada that are in place. We are developing a replacement workshop. Details are on the Workshops page.

The Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference goes back to 1993. On this page, we keep notes about only the most recent and upcoming events. Check out the Archives page for information on previous Nightfalls.

Have a question about the upcoming Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference? Email the organizer.