Workshops & Presentations

Nightfall features a premium workshop on Saturday and free presentations throughout Friday and Saturday. The premium workshop requires a fee, preferably paid in advance. Space is limited but if seats are still available, the fee may be paid at the door.

Premium Workshop

The Nightfall 2021 Premium Workshop will be with none other than Ron Brecher, amateur astronomer, astrophotographer, and expert in all things image processing and PixInsight.

Compelling Astrophotos: Working with Detail and Noise

Nightfall 2021 Presenter - Ron Brecher
Ron Brecher of is our premium presenter at Nightfall 2021.

The most compelling deep-sky astrophotos have just the right balance of sharp details and smooth overall texture. But getting that result requires that only legitimate structure is enhanced, while dialing down, or preventing buildup of, noise.

Join Ron Brecher for two workshops geared at helping you get the best from your astroimages. While he’ll use his preferred image processing software, PixInsight, the concepts apply to any image processing. The morning session will look at techniques to use in the linear state (before “stretching”). After lunch, Ron will focus (pardon the pun) on techniques that can be used after stretching, on nonlinear images.

Ron is an avid amateur astronomer with more than 20 years of experience. His photos and articles are regularly featured in print and online magazines, journals, CD covers, calendars and more. Ron writes for astronomy publications in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He is a PixInsight Ambassador, and is the Technical Reviewer for both editions of the highly acclaimed reference text, Inside PixInsight. He is a Contributing Editor for Sky & Telescope magazine Ron is available for one-on-one online astrophotography tutoring and support, including equipment setup, troubleshooting and image processing with PixInsight.

Ron images from his home in Guelph, Ontario, Canada where he and his wife Gail live with a dog, two cats, two kids and their partners. In “real life,” Ron holds a PhD and is a board-certified toxicologist with 30+ years’ experience in risk assessment and risk communication. To round things out, Ron plays guitar and lead vocals in the R&B band The Exceptions.

Premium Workshop Registration

Free Workshops

The list of topics and speakers for the free presentations at Nightfall 2021 is in the process of being compiled and confirmed. Below is some tentative information. Please keep in mind that speakers and topics are tentative and subject to change.

  • Sketching in Astronomy with Randy Baron
  • Astronomy and Aging Eyes with Richard Eisenberg
  • Astro Imaging (exact topic TBD) with Bray Falls
  • Optimal Astrophotography Workflow with Chris Hendren
  • Celestron Products Overview with Kevin Kawai

In addition, we’ll have presentations by reps from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes, free solar viewing, and a Saturday morning swap meet!

Volunteer Presenters

Would you like to help by volunteering to be a presenter? If you have a presentation of astronomical interest you would like to share with Nightfall attendees, please contact

Possible topics include; visual observing, astrophotography equipment and processing, light pollution, space exploration, and just about anything that may be of interest to the star party attendees.

Previous Premium Workshop Presenters

We’ve been fortunate at Nightfall to have the likes of Mike Unsold, Neil Fleming, Warren Keller, Adam Block and many other familiar names join us to share their knowledge and love for astronomy and astrophotography. Checkout the archives page for more information on previous Nightfall presenters.