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Nightfall 2022 (October 27-30)

  • (10/12/2022) Ron Brecher will not be able to attend or present at Nightfall this year. Please see the Workshops page for additional information including refund info.

Nightfall 2021 (November 4-7)

  • 2021/11/1: Nightfall 2022 will be held October 27th thru 30th. Mark your calendars and make your reservations!
  • 2021/9/9: Ron Brecher will not be able to make Nightfall 2021 due to COVID-related travel restrictions between the US and Canada. We are developing a replacement workshop.

The Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference dates back to 1993. On this page, we keep notes about only the most recent and upcoming events. Check out the Archives page for information on previous Nightfalls.

Have a question about the upcoming Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference? Ask it here or email the organizer.

6 Commentsto Latest News

  1. Jim Crumly says:

    I will not be able to attend this year (2022). but would like to start planning for next year. could you please send me dates for next year (2023) as soon as they are avaliable.

    Clear Skys

  2. Jo Messina says:

    We want to attend but only one or two nights. Hotel says 3 night minimum. Anyone have a room that they don’t want to use for all 3 nights?

  3. Jeff Herman says:

    I arrived early for Nightfall and noticed a large solar array has been installed above the North row of RV sites. Anyone with those sites will have severely obscured views of the skies towards the North so plan accordingly (i.e. plan to setup somewhere else?). Hard to understand why the resort chose this part of their property for their solar project.

    • administrator says:

      Hi Jeff! Thanks for the heads up about the solar panels. We had been made aware of them but we don’t have much in the way of details as of yet. After we assess the situation this year, we’ll be able to update this website accordingly and make suggestions/recommendations for those attending in the future. Clear skies.

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