Workshops & Presentations

Nightfall features a premium workshop on Saturday and free presentations throughout Friday and Saturday. The premium workshop requires a fee, preferably paid in advance. Space is limited but if seats are still available, the fee may be paid at the door.

Free Workshops for 2020

The list of presenters and topics for the free presentations is currently being compiled. Please come back later for more information.

Volunteer Presenters

Would you like to help by volunteering to be a presenter? If you have a presentation of astronomical interest you would like to share with Nightfall attendees, please contact

Possible topics include; visual observing, astrophotography equipment and processing, light pollution, space exploration, and just about anything that may be of interest to the star party attendees.

Premium Presentation

Citizen AstroImaging: Your Imaging Gear Advancing Science

What can you do with your astrophotography equipment besides take pretty pictures? You can contribute to scientific knowledge and understanding.

Nobody doesn’t like pretty pictures, but you can also use the same equipment to do other things in astronomy. At Nightfall 2020, we will explore some of the projects you can advance with your current equipment. This is part of “citizen science,” also known as “community,” “amateur” or “crowdsourced” science. This trend recognizes that amateurs can contribute to science by tracking asteroids, recording their light curves, supplementing observations of exoplanets, research on gravity wave sources, and a whole lot more.

Maybe you want to move your astroimaging experience to another level, or share in what the pros do, or just want your name included in a scientific journal. Or maybe you want to have a comet named after you. If so, register for the “Citizens AstroImaging” workshop at Nightfall. We will explore ways you can use your imaging equipment to contribute to science.

Premium Workshop Registration

If you’d like to purchase admission for more than one person, simply click the Pay Now button above and enter the number of attendees on the page that follows.

Previous Premium Workshop Presenters

We’ve been fortunate at Nightfall to have the likes of Mike Unsold, Neil Fleming, Warren Keller, Adam Block and many other familiar names join us to share their knowledge and love for astronomy and astrophotography. Checkout the archives page for more information on previous Nightfall presenters.